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Texas Adjuster Training provides training for those wanting to become successful insurance adjusters in Texas. In the near future, Xactimate and Ethics/Consumer Protection (CE) classes will be offered as well.

The instructor, Clark Covey, worked as an independent adjuster handling hundreds of catastrophic claims from hurricanes, floods, hail storms, tornadoes, and fires and is currently a licensed adjuster in over 20 states.

He has worked as a desk adjuster, file examiner, team lead, dispute analyzer, auditor, and provides compliance and SIU (Special Investigation Unit) oversight to Lender Placed claims and Catastrophe claims departments. To help ensure claim compliance, he developed several computer applications to assist both departments.

He is also a Real Estate Certified Professional Inspector (TREC # 20460) and a certified professional teacher in Texas.

As a Texas notary, he provides free notary services to the students.

In addition, Clark is a published author. His book "Be a Man - Take Responsibility for Your Actions", published by Westbow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan, is available on Amazon.com for $9.95 or here for $7.50.

Bring the book to class if you would like to have it autographed. You could also win a copy during one of the games played in class.

Be a Man - Take Responsibility for Your Actions


"I feel like this class definitely sets you up for success." - Bethany A.

"Very informative. Learned a lot. Classroom material & presentations were excellent." - Jody B.

"Clark made sure everyone understood before moving on. Clark was very nice & is a very good instructor." - Viviana A.

"Thank you. It was a great class!" - Shawana H.

"Thank you for helping me understand a whole new world to me. Thank you for showing your knowledge & being understanding & patient." - Caretha M.

"[The most enjoyable part of the presentation was] the fact that you were patient and made sure everyone understood what was being taught. I found it all to be informative and attention grabbing." - Anonymous

"Instructor Covey was very experienced, detailed and active; very encouraging. Thank you to Mr. Covey for a great learning experience." - Rockale G.

"Clark took his time and made sure that he explained everything thoroughly. Clark was a great teacher, always stopping and explaining the answers if needed and we could call him anytime to help us out." - Michael H.

"Great instructor, very pleasant & understanding. Fun!" - Brenda D.

"The interaction from the instructor helped plenty. I learned much more than I thought I did about homeowner [insurance]. Clark was very hands on with his method of teaching. I hope he can offer CE classes for the future!" - Gilbert C.

"The speaker was very knowledgeable of the information being presented. [I] learned a lot from this class that I probably would have never realized about insurance. Thank you for teaching me this course and helping me begin a career. Great work!" - Marcus V.

"...I can say & recommend this company & teacher. I felt like I was going to learn and given a good educational lesson." - Susan C.

"It was a real pleasure to take this class because of the instructor. He showed he truly cared and valued our time and license." - Leslie P.

"I enjoyed the instructor's stories of experience in the field." - Jaimie M.

"Great job @ teaching. You were very clear!" - Emmanuel P.

"[The most enjoyable part of the presentation was] the expertise of the instructor and the layout of the class." - Mike S.

"Great presentation, made the information enjoyable. " - Donald W.

"Clark is very knowledgable and answered my questions very well. Great instructor!" - Jaime S.

"I enjoyed the class very much. I found it interesting and Clark cited many examples to relate the facts to real situations." - Rob W.

"Clark is not only personable & very well organized, but he has the ability to break down complex issues to understandable examples that helped me retain the information. Truly a wonderful learning experience!" - Lucretia L

"[I enjoyed] the way the material was present in fun ways...easier to remember. I loved and enjoyed the class. It showed me there is more to adjusting than what I thought." - Elizabeth C.

"Thank you for helping me reach a goal in my life! The way your course & study material is structured is awesome & easy to understand." - Sandra D.

"You're awesome! :)" - Monica O.

"[The most enjoyable part was the] teacher interaction." - Heather S.

"Mr. Covey is a very good professor. I enjoyed taking his class and learning more about the All-Lines [license]!!" - Evita D.

"There was absolutely nothing boring in this class...took lots with me!" - Norma M.

"The instructor explained every question we had." - Regina Q.

"Best course and teacher I have ever learned from." - Scymia C.

"Thank you very much for providing this class and for giving me all the info I needed to pass the exam." - Jaime S.

"Thank you so much, you were truly an amazing instructor." - Alaina A.

"Mr. Clark was very knowledgeable and informative." - Jennifer H.

"Overall enjoyed the class, was fun with the jokes, and very good at teaching and covering the topics." - Victor A.

"Clark was a very patient instructor he explained every questioned asked. Nothing was boring...AWESOME instructor!" - Katena B.

"Very informative and entertaining session." - Jerry B.

Clark teaching adjuster's prelicense class.

The training will be infused with real world examples, helping you develop a solid foundation from which to launch your career as an insurance adjuster.

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