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Have you submitted your application and wonder when you will get your license? The Department of Insurance (TDI) publishes the dates of applications being processed. Click Processing Dates to check which ones they are working on now.

98% of our students pass the exam on the first attempt with an average score of 88.

If a student does not pass it on the first attempt, we offer free tutoring with exam retake to guarantee passing.

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What are insurance claims adjusters and what do they do?

Insurance claims adjusters are paid very well to investigate insurance claims and determine how much an insurance company should pay for damages. They inspect property damage to homes, business, autos, planes, boats, etc., interview different people involved, consult with police, hospitals, and more, depending on the type of claim.

Adjusters can work directly for insurance companies usually at an office building or out of their home, an independent adjusting firm traveling to storm locations, or as a public adjuster who represents the policyholder.

Texas requires adjusters to be licensed after attending a 40-hour class and passing an exam.

Many states recognize the high quality of the Texas Insurance Adjuster license. When you receive this license, you will be able to obtain a license in other states without taking another course or exam.

Some companies, charging up to $500, offer different training with computer-based testing. This testing is drawn from a very large bank of possible questions, often frustrating students who take (and fail) the exam several times. Our class is designed with different learning styles in mind and the exam is given on the last day of class so you do not have to go elsewhere. Students also have access to online practice tests to help reinforce the material.

With the All Lines' adjuster license, you will be licensed to investigate residential, commercial, automobile, aviation, farm/ranch, liability, inland and ocean marine, and workers' compensation claims as an independent adjuster, desk adjuster, or staff adjuster. Public adjusters are required to take a different class and exam.


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Do you like...

If you answered "Yes" to any of these, adjusting insurance claims may be your new career.

An insurance adjuster income is limited only by how much and how well you work. It all starts here, attending an insurance adjuster training class. An insurance adjuster salary, usually for a desk adjuster, will depend on the company, type of claims, level of experience and knowledge, as well as if the adjuster is working as an employee or contractor. Starting salary: $25-$35 an hour.  Insurance companies have a time constraint to complete claim investigations which frequently opens opportunity for overtime.

An independent adjuster working catastrophe claims from a hurricane, tornado, flood, etc., can easily make over $100,000 annually. As a beginning adjuster with no insurance or construction knowledge, I earned $70,000 in four months inspecting homes damaged by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma.

As with anything worthwhile, you have to make an investment. However, this investment is in you. Become an insurance adjuster.

Attend this class, receive the training, pass the exam, and earn your certification. Obtain your license and get to work. What you earn will be a direct reflection into how much you invest in yourself with further education about the type of claims you work and how well you manage your time and expenses.

Do not wait for a catastrophe or other disaster to strike before getting your hurricane image from spacelicense. After you receive your license, you can start applying for licenses in other states. When firms prepare to deploy adjusters to a storm site, they choose adjusters with licenses in those states first. Catastrophic insurance adjuster jobs are plentiful during the spring with tornado and hail damage as well as the summer and fall with hurricanes. Do not be left behind!

Due to limited seating, class material, and self-study requirements, all students must complete the registration process at least five days prior to class. Unfortunately, we cannot accept walk-ins, as you are required to complete 10 hours of self-study prior to class.

Adjuster License

storm damage to a houseThe Texas All-Lines insurance adjuster license is the most sought-after insurance adjuster license in the country. Out of all 50 states, only two states (California && New York) require a separate test to be licensed! Due to the solid training required for this license, all other states honor this license and provide reciprocity. Once you receive your Texas Adjuster license, you can obtain licenses in the other states by completing their application and paying the license fee. You do not need to attend other classes or take additional exams.

All Lines Pre-License Course for Texas Adjusters

Two consecutive weekends (Sat && Sun)

Next class: Feb 25-26 && Mar 4-5, 2023

Check the Schedule for other class dates and costs.

Adjuster Class This live, 4-day All-Lines insurance adjuster class in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area with an experienced instructor/adjuster will provide you with the training to become a licensed insurance adjuster. You will be able to interact and engage with the instructor (an experienced adjuster) and other students wanting to become adjusters.

The final exam is included (online practice exams are available) and we guarantee you pass the exam or we will provide free training to help you pass it.

For more details about the class, click here.

Property Adjusting 101 Guidebook

eBook (instant download) $34.95

Print version $59.95 (plus shipping and handling)
*Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

An independent adjuster (IA) can earn a substantial income investigating catastrophe (hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, etc.) claims. The more claims they work, the higher their income. However, catastrophes are not consistent, therefore an IA's income can be inconsistent.

Several factors affect how many claims an adjuster may receive:

This guidebook will focus on effectively preparing an IA to be more successful.

Class Schedule

Based on student requests, our 4-day class covers two consecutive weekends (Saturday && Sunday), with the final exam on the 2nd Sunday. You must attend at least 27 of the classroom hours to qualify to take the exam. For available class dates, click here.


Texas Adjuster License Requirements

Since this is a professional license, there are certain requirements that need to be met before receiving the adjuster license and other requirements to maintain it. Operating as an insurance adjuster without an active adjuster license, or an emergency license, is against the law.

Check here for current requirements.