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Refund Policy

A refund is available if you cancel your registration at least two (2) days prior to class. Cancellation requests must be submitted via email, postal mail, or phone. If you do not receive an acknowledgement of cancellation within 12 hours of request by email or phone, please follow up. Please do not assume we received your email or message. A $25.00 handling fee will be subtracted from the refund. Due to various banking processing times, please allow several days for your refund to appear in your account.

If you prefer, we can apply your balance toward another class. The transaction ID of your refund will become a $25 coupon, applicable to any class and it is transferrable. If you do not cancel more two days prior to class, refunds are not available. You can still apply the balance toward a future class.

Any information you share with us, stays with us. We do not provide anyone’s information to a 3rd party. We hate spam just as much as the next person and do not want to contribute to it. Depending upon class size, we reserve the right to move the class location or to cancel it. Enrolled students will receive notification at least 4-5 days in advance.

Paying for a class implies agreement with our refund policy.

Note: No refund is available for electronic books.

Enrollment is complete after you process your payment.

If you have any problem with the shopping cart, please send an email to admin@txadjustertraining.com and we will send you a separate invoice.