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"Class was amazing and even more than what I expected. I was engaged the entire time. Best training I've taken." - Jasmine J.

"Thank you. It was a great class!" - Shawana H.

"Thank you for helping me understand a whole new world to me. Thank you for showing your knowledge && being understanding && patient." - Caretha M.

"[The most enjoyable part of the presentation was] the fact that you were patient and made sure everyone understood what was being taught. I found it all to be infromative and attention grabbing." - Anonymous

"Instructor Covey was very experienced, detailed and active; very encouraging. Thank you to Mr. Covey for a great learning experience." - Rockale G.

"Clark took his time and made sure that he explained everything thoroughly. Clark was a great teacher, always stopping and explaining the answers if needed and we could call him anytime to help us out." - Michael H.

"Great instructor, very pleasant && understanding. Fun!" - Brenda D.

"The interaction from the instructor helped plenty. I learned much more than I thought I did about homeowner [insurance]. Clark was very hands on with his method of teaching. I hope he can offer CE classes for the future!" - Gilbert C.

"The speaker was very knowledgeable of the information being presented. [I] learned a lot from this class that I probably would have never realized about insurance. Thank you for teaching me this course and helping me begin a career. Great work!" - Marcus V.

"...I can say && recommend this company && teacher. I felt like I was going to learn and given a good educational lesson." - Susan C.

"It was a real pleasure to take this class because of the instructor. He showed he truly cared and valued our time and license." - Leslie P.

"I enjoyed the instructor's stories of experience in the field." - Jaimie M.

"Great job @ teaching. You were very clear!" - Emmanuel P.

"[The most enjoyable part of the presentation was] the expertise of the instructor and the layout of the class." - Mike S.

"Great presentation, made the information enjoyable. " - Donald W.

"Clark is very knowledgable and answered my questions very well. Great instructor!" - Jaime S.

"I enjoyed the class very much. I found it interesting and Clark cited many examples to relate the facts to real situations." - Rob W.

"Clark is not only personable && very well organized, but he has the ability to break down complex issues to understandable examples that helped me retain the information. Truly a wonderful learning experience!" - Lucretia L

"[I enjoyed] the way the material was present in fun ways...easier to remember. I loved and enjoyed the class. It showed me there is more to adjusting than what I thought." - Elizabeth C.

"Thank you for helping me reach a goal in my life! The way your course && study material is structured is awesome && easy to understand." - Sandra D.

"You're awesome! :)" - Monica O. Smile!

"[The most enjoyable part was the] teacher interaction." - Heather S.

"Mr. Covey is a very good professor. I enjoyed taking his class and learning more about the All-Lines [license]!!" - Evita D.

"There was absolutely nothing boring in this class...took lots with me!" - Norma M.

"The instructor explained every question we had." - Regina Q.

"Best course and teacher I have ever learned from." - Scymia C.

"Thank you very much for providing this class and for giving me all the info I needed to pass the exam." - Jaime S.

"Thank you so much, you were truly an amazing instructor." - Alaina A.

"Mr. Clark was very knowledgeable and informative." - Jennifer H.

"Overall enjoyed the class, was fun with the jokes, and very good at teaching and covering the topics." - Victor A.

"Clark was a very patient instructor he explained every questioned asked. Nothing was boring...AWESOME instructor!" - Katena B.

"Very informative and entertaining session." - Jerry B.

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All-Lines Pre-License Class for Texas Adjusters
$350 (fee includes final exam)
2023 Class Dates: Enrollment Deadline:
Feb 25-26 and Mar 4-5 Feb 19
Apr 29-30 and May 6-7 Apr 23
Jun 24-25 and Jul 1-2 Jun 18
Sep 9-10 and 16-17 Sep 3
Nov 11-12 and 18-19 Nov 5
You must attend all four days.

Location: 14465 Webb Chapel Road
Suite 101
Farmers Branch, TX 75234-3682
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